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Wood Stain
  • Oil Based, Deep Penetrating Wood Protectant
  • Restores, Enhances & Protects Natural Beauty of Wood
  • Easy To Apply
  • Triple Polymer Protection prevents fading & resin breakdown
  • Agriculturally Renewable
  • Will Not Harm Ozone
  • Meets or exceeds all
  • Low VOC standards
  • All natural Materials
  • UV Graying
  • Mold & Mildew
  • Algae
  • Water Damage
  • Rot & Decay

Timber Ox® Green Wood Protectant Stain

For use on Decks, Fences, Log Homes, Wood Siding and Outdoor Wood Structures
Timber Ox® Green is a robust and agriculturally renewable oil based stain. It exceeds all state and federal VOC, Environmental Protection Agency Standards, allowing it to be sold in all 50 states.

  • Oil based, deep penetrating wood protectant stain
  • Restores and protects wood's natural beauty
  • Exceptional UV protection
  • 5 year guarantee on verticals. 3 year guarantee on horizontals (when applied according to manufacturer instructions)

Interior and Exterior Application
Timber Ox® Green can be used as both an interior and exterior stain that beautifies and protects wood surfaces. It is easy to apply and is formulated to inhibit lap marks. Timber Ox® Green enhances the natural grain of the wood and restores life to old damaged wood.

Features of Timber Ox® Green

  • BIO-BASED Formulation: Meets all local, state and federal air quality regulations.
  • Unique Nano Particle UV Sunscreen Formula: Timber Ox® Green contains nano-particle sized, transparent, titanium dioxide as a sunscreen to prevent ultraviolet light damage to the wood.
  • Exclusive Triple Polymer Protection - Unique to Timber Ox® Green acrylic, urethane and polyester formula: Three resins in one extend the product life and are non-yellowing and fade resistant with exceptional water resistance and weatherability.
  • Powerful anti-oxidant formula: Protects against oxidation and resultant cracking and degradation of base resins.
  • High performance anti-mold, mildew & algae formulation: Exceptional mold, mildew and algae resistance.
  • Transparent iron oxide pigments: Highlight and protect the natural warmth and beauty of wood.
  • Castor bean, citrus, soy, and corn oil formula: Castor bean, citrus, soy, and corn oils are wood loving, natural, renewable, agricultural carrier oils with exceptional heat resistance and durability which protects wood fibers creating a water resistant barrier.
  • Non-ozone producing & non-ozone depleting formulation: Timber OX does not create ozone (smog) or deplete upper atmosphere ozone.


Timber Ox® Green Environmental Results

Life Cycle Analysis Studies have shown Timber Ox® Green's environmental performance to be 0.0067, which is extremely low for a oil-based stain. These measurements were made using the BEES life cycle assessment testing system. BEES measures the environmental performance of building products by using the life-cycle assessment approach specified in the ISO 14040 series of standards. All stages in the life of a product are analyzed: raw material acquisition, manufacture, transportation, installation, use, and recycling and waste management.


Timber Ox® Green qualifies AS A USDA Bio-preferred bio-based wood stain.
Timber Ox® Green does not use petroleum based solvents. Instead, it uses citrus and castor oils. Citrus Oil is also a natural insect repellant. Since Timber Ox® Green contains agriculturally derived ingredients it qualifies as a Bio-preferred Stain with the USDA.

To learn more about bio-preferred products go to www.biobased.oce.usda.gov.

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